6 Best Lawn and Leaf Vacuums and a Guide on How to Pick

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While trees beautify the yard, they often shed leaves leaving the ground looking cluttered and dirty. If left on the ground, the lawn becomes an eye sore. It is best to find a way to clear up the leaves off the ground. For the longest time people have been using leaf blowers.

These push the leaves into heaps, which you then put into bags and dispose. The new innovation in the same respect is a leaf vacuum. A leaf vacuum will pick up the leaves off the ground and dump them in an attached contraption like a bag or bin of sorts. Most leaf blowers have been tweaked to have both vacuum and blowing functions. In no particular order, here are five suggestions to get the leaves sorted off the ground.

  • Worx 3 in 1 Blower Vacuum Mulcher

The mouth of the implement is designed to pick up debris from under patio furniture and the deck. One of the most outstanding features of the Worx is the ability to attach to a bigger garbage bin. Instead of constantly stopping to empty the baggie, you can attach to e of the bins and have the machine empty the leaves in there for you. Makes work much easier. The implement can pick up to 14 gallons of leaves per minutes. The activity is adjustable.  

  • Black & Decker 3000W Back Pack Blower Vacuum

This Black & Decker Vacuum is fitted with a high impact shredder to decrease volume of the debris. The bag has a capacity of 72L. These two qualities combined ensure you do not have to stop often to empty the bag. It is also very light, at less than 5kg, is built for comfort and ease of operation. This machine has low noise levels and comes with a rake.

  • Agri Fab Chip ‘n’ Vac

This is a towable implement. It is best for large areas. The storage space is 32 cubic feet. This towable vacuum is able to pick up and chip small branches. For such a big implement, the price is well worth the benefits. You can mow and vacuum leaves in a large yard.

  • Remington Ambush

Just like most leaf vacuums, The Remington Ambush also has a blowing function. The little button to regulate airflow is located near the handle. The handle is designed to take advantage of the palm curvature for maximum comfort. You can easily adjust speed and activity as you work. This implement has a strong engine with good MPH and CFM. Thus, the work is efficient and quick. The debris bag is large capacity.

  • Yard wise Push Lawn Sweeper

This is not exactly a lawn vacuum but it does the work effectively. It sweeps the leaves into a 26-gallon detachable debris bag. This folds easily and is therefore easily stored. It is lightweight. The height is adjustable which means that whoever uses the implement will work without hurting their back. The lawn sweeper is easily assembled with strong sturdy parts. This is great, as it does not need electricity or some other form of fuel.

  1. The Cyclone Rake Lawn Vacuum

If you are on the search for a lawn vacuum with serious firepower, then look no further! The Cyclone Rake is a powerful vacuum that will leave your yard looking like a golf course after use. Rated as America’s # 1 lawn and leaf vacuum, the Cyclone Rake packs a punch with its Briggs and Stratton Vanguard series of engines and is the only vacuum of its kind that folds down flat for easy storage in your garage or shed. Manufactured with a number of industry-leading parts, the Cyclone Rake comes with an awesome 3-year warranty. This lawnmower is made for those who have serious lawns to clean!

Factors to Consider When Picking a Leaf Vacuum

To decide on the best lawn vacuum, there are a few things to consider. The first is the size of the area. A big area means many leaves. You will therefore need a large capacity debris bag. This will also factor into the power setting. Check on the MPH and CFM. These are the measures of the speed at which the debris will be picked up.

Cord or no cord? If your yard is small and you have a power outlet then a cord is fine. If not, you can go for the cordless type. These cordless types are rechargeable. Often, the implement will not come with a battery and charger. Some machines are propelled by gas. You could forfeit all these and go for the self-propelled like the lawn sweeper.

The price is an incredibly important factor. How much are you willing to pay? Actually, in this respect think about the value. How does the price weigh against the features? What can the implement do that merits that amount? Things like variable speeds and comfort features like the vibration reduction.

The debris bags will usually degenerate if exposed to extreme conditions like too much heat or winter. Can the implement be easily stored? Do you have space to store the implement? The Agri Fab towable leaf vacuum for example will require a lot of space for storage.

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