Expanding Your Home – Checklists You MUST Follow

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As your family grows the need for additional space may lead you to thoughts of a home addition. If you build up or out, the additional living area will outweigh the effort needed to acquire it.

All projects need a plan, this project demands one. You need to consider:

  • Home market values in the neighborhood:
  • Determine the size of addition and market value prior to actually breaking ground.
  • Find out the market value of homes in the local area with similar size and features.
  • Calculate the difference between their current and improved home market value.

The difference should represent the maximum budget for the addition.


  • If current mortgage rates are higher than the existing mortgage use a home equity loan.
  • If current mortgage rates are lower than the existing mortgage, refinancing your home and cost of the home addition project.

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Size and scale of project:

  • The extension should be of size and scale so it fits in with the original house.
  • When you add living space the addition should have a good outside appearance.
  • To maintain its exterior aesthetics consider siding, doors, windows, rooflines, and elevations.
  • Know how much yard space that will be used.

Personal disruption/inconvenience threshold:

  • A home extension can very disruptive and chaotic.
  • It is a dusty, dirty and noisy endeavor.
  • Working with subcontractors can be challenging and will need your time during the day, at work or not.

Your sweat equity commitment level:

  • Honestly assess your skills, available time, and project schedule.
  • Tasks that require specific skill, time, and brawn range from ground work to drywall.
  • Electric and plumbing will need permit and inspection.
  • Consider doing inside finish work with know-how and available time.
  • Do what you can, hire out the rest.

Time To Check –

  • Hiring a Contractor: Know what you want.
  • List every detail of what you want done.
  • Know your budget and stick to it.

Get recommendations:

  • Friends or family
  • Online reviews
  • Other contracters

Do phone interviews:

  • Get references and previous clients in your area.
  • Meet in person to discuss details.
  • Follow-up on Contractor provided information.
  • Get bids.

Put it in writing.

Payment schedule;

  • 10% at contract signing, three payments of 25 percent, 15 percent when completed.
  • Proof of liability insurance and worker’s compensation payments;
  • Start and projected completion date;
  • Lien release from all subcontractors and suppliers

Home Technology – This is an opportunity to begin behind the walls, not to retro fit. Think out your needs ahead of time.

  • Energy saving equipment
  • Home control systems
  • In- and outdoor light control
  • Home theater system
  • Temperature systems
  • Phones & intercoms
  • In- and outdoor security system
  • Surveillance
  • Indoor room monitoring

In addition, you will need to:

  • Know your Local building codes.
  • Check with a building department if you are planning an addition.
  • Local codes usually specify the distance from the property line a house must be.
  • If your addition is too near, you may need a variance, or maybe prohibited from building anything
  • Find out whether you should submit your plans for approval.
  • Get printed information about the legalities that apply to your remodel and the various permits you need.
  • Ask for a list of certified contractors who are legally allowed to install in your area. Check with the local building department before undertaking any work yourself.
  • Prepare for inspection.
  • Read relevant sections of the building codes so you know exactly what inspectors will look for.
  • If you use subcontractors, request that they are present when their work is inspected.

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