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The world is full of different religions that it can become hard for a single person to learn about each religion. Each religion uses different products as per their belief system to perform their rituals and it can usually be difficult to find all the fine products for performing your rituals. But with the up gradation in technology it has gone easier for online shopping uses to fetch out their each related spiritual item online. If you believe in Santeria religion and perform all your rituals as per that religion beliefs then visit us to fetch out all related items to perform your cleansing and other rituals in proper order.

Santeria is also known to be afro American religion and is also known as Lucumi. Mostly in Santeria all the rituals are being performed using candles. Nowadays, you can easily fetch out the Santeria candles which are made by quality paraffin wax and can burn for long hours without including any risk. Various spiritual candles are especially designed by sandwiching the multi color together that symbolizes different things.

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Various interpretations for candles in Santeria religion

The world is full of mystery and myth which has made different beliefs in different religions and according to that they perform their rituals and have different life styles and rules as well. In Santeria religion various interpretations are made related to performing ritual with candle which are discussed below:

  • High flame: If the candle is burning with high flame then it means your spell is working effectively and faster. If the candle is either money drawing candle or protection candle then it will mean that your surrounding is clean from any negative energy.
  • Low flame: If the candle is burning low flame then it will mean that there is some negative energy that is directed towards you. In such condition do floor wash and perform various spell along with prepared candle so that you can get faster better results.

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