How Chandeliers Adds Gold To The Ambience Of Your Space?

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Chandeliers not only function as a cherry on top to the appearance of your room, it makes your space look elegant and graceful. It makes your guests as well as you feel quite welcome in the very own space you reside. There is an unspeakable description on how it beautifies your home in no time. But installing only one fixture will do no wonders for you. Below are some tips as a favour to bring your home décor skills to justice.

  • Traditional Crystal Chandeliers

As they say, some things never go out of style. Same goes with the traditional crystal chandeliers. This fixture can be installed in your formal dining room or your hall. Make sure you complement your fixture with Premiere Luminaire hall light fixtures. They come in a variety of size and trends, depending on the theme of your room and your budget.

  • Transitional Chic Chandeliers

If traditional crystal chandelier seems old-school to you, we have something modern and contemporary for your space too. Transitional chic chandeliers are quite versatile and adds life to the room in no time. These particular chandeliers, may or may not carry crystals with it, but it complements both industrial as well farmhouse vibe to it too.

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  • Cool Contemporary Chandeliers

If you are neither a fan of traditional or transitional, you can try the contemporary chandeliers too. These masterpieces bear a bold geometric design and lighted up by LED lightings. These fixtures are also available in minimal styles. Contemporary chandeliers casts amazingly interesting silhouettes in your space and makes it feel more modern and welcoming.

  • Two Chandeliers

If your formal dining table is rectangular in shape, two chandeliers are better than one. But make sure not to buy big fixtures as it will make the room look weird. Also measure the length and breadth of the room and your dining table before buying them. Measure the width of your dining table in inches. And make sure you look for those chandeliers which are 1/3 of the width and the center of your dining table which might bear each chandelier hanging over one half of the table.

  • Think Out-Of-The-Box

You can even choose not to buy chandeliers for your space. You can buying other lighting fixtures like wall sconces, pendant lights etc. These casts a modern and a breezy look in your space.

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