How Does Waste Express Streamline Green Waste Removal?

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Are you worried about cleaning up your garden waste after redesigning? Waiting for local Council to help you will only lead to extra costs and pick-up delays. Green waste removal can be tedious but with the right help you can clear out everything in record time.

How Can We Help?

By contacting Waste Express, you can get rid of your green waste in less than 24 hours. We handle each step of the cleaning process and dispose of the waste for you. If you’re not home, we can schedule the waste removal while you’re away.

We guarantee fully integrated waste management solutions regardless of the site’s nature or location. If you want to get rid of a pile of old furniture or need to clean up your garden, Waste Express will send over a team to help you. We operate nationwide and guarantee same day or next day services. However, you can also book us in advance.

What is Green Waste?

Green waste includes all garden biodegradable waste such as shrub or grass clippings, wood chips, plants, bark, weeds, and wood. All organic material is taken to a local processing company and transformed into compost during recycling.

Sorting Green Waste: Yey & Ney

Sorting green waste is a straightforward and simple process.

You should gather any unwanted plants, weeds, fruit/ vegetables, wood or small garden ornaments. Place them in a recyclable container/ bin.

However, don’t put plastics, soil, rubble, concrete, large wood or branches, animal waste or hair, general household rubbish, coal, ash or paper the same bin. Everything you place in green waste bins must be 100% recyclable.

If you don’t have a recycling bin you can simply pile up all unwanted green waste and we’ll take care of the rest. Also, if you’re not sure about sorting out your green waste, you could let us handle it. We’ll assess all necessary works and inform you about the price prior to any clearance.

How Are You Protecting the Environment?

Whether you’re a committed or beginner gardener, protecting the environment is a primordial concern. Recycling green waste reduces the quantity of material which reaches landfills, decreases gas emissions, and prevents water and air pollution.

How Is Green Waste Recycled?

After collecting the green waste, we take it to special recycling centres. It gets cleaned od all toxins and turned into compost for agricultural or domestic use. Communities throughout the UK have various green waste collection and recyclable programs which contribute to protecting the environment.

Recycling green waste impacts the size of landfills and increases the use of renewable energy such as biofuels.

Wrapping It Up

Green waste removal and recycling play a significant role in protecting the environment. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions, facilitates and increases the use of renewable energy and reduces petroleum use. Also, by recycling your green waste you’re contributing to reducing the amount of pollution in the air and water.

Waste Express can take care of the entire waste removal process from A to Z. We’ll visit you, assess the works needed, sort your green waste, collect it and take to our recycling partners which will turn it into compost.

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