How to Set Op a Storage Units

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A well-assembled storage unit is essential for the company’s logistics, especially with a view to reducing costs. For companies, it is important to maintain adequate physical spaces, making inventory as little as possible and reducing investment costs and quantity of items.

However, the maintenance of a stock in the storage units can serve as a cost reduction for the logistics sector, allowing the maximization of transport, reducing costs with this type of service.

In many companies, the “Just in time” philosophy can alleviate the storage unit, but it is also very important that demand is met within the needs and in this case,  it is necessary to maintain suppliers that can guarantee the adequate supply so that the method can function properly.

Physical spaces for the storage units

The physical space for the storage unit is an important point for the company to be able to produce and meet the demand. If demand is known accurately, and items can be delivered on time, the physical space may be smaller to maintain inventory.

The costs of the storage units in this case can be reduced by four key points:

  • Reduction of transport and production costs;
  • Coordination between supply and demand;
  • Support to the production process;
  • Efficiency in marketing.

Thus, a company that works with seasonal products must maintain some essential products in stock out of the harvest, being able to maintain its operation during the whole year and, in case of products that require maturation time, being able to maintain the final merchandise until its sale. In these situations, the storage units need adequate spaces so that the company can function at all times.

Where to keep the deposit for the storage system

The location of warehouses for the storage system should be applied considering accessibility for both the supplier and the company and can function as a distribution center at the same time, reducing costs for the company. In this case, good planning is also necessary, since if a magnification is necessary, there should be enough space for this.

The company should also consider the possibility of allocating a deposit to the storage units if this is more convenient for its logistics system. In this way, all planning must be done in advance, seeking to turn to the reduction of costs and optimization of services.

Evaluation of the stock in the storage system

The warehousing units also requires a correct stock management, with the constant search of reduction of investments, acting in a way to keep it as low as possible and within levels of security to meet the demand.

Inventory valuation ensures that the capital invested is as little as possible and in accordance with company policies, ensuring that its valuation reflects its content.

In the ABC curve we find efficiency in the differentiation of the inventory items for its control and its cost, classifying the company’s items by their degree of importance, the materials for its operation being classified as A, in the items that are necessary; B for items missing in stock does not detract from operation; and C for items that are not considered for production.

The storage units require a rigorous evaluation, trying to define its objectives and evaluating what is needed and what is the best method to work. As in all industrial and commercial processes, the company must turn to greater productivity and cost reduction, and can act more smoothly in the market. The storage units Highlands Ranch, in the process as a whole, can generate cost savings of around 40% when well managed.

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