Indian Sandstone for Wooden Appearances.

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Don’t worry, you read that correctly! In this wonderfully inventive world there are enormously appealing wood finishes for garden paving products which are actually produced using Indian sandstone paving.

Wood may be the visual effect you want but you need the durability of the product to exceed wood’s normal lifespan, there’s no reason why Indian sandstone shouldn’t be adopted. It looks like the wood that it states it is and it’s incredibly hard wearing.

The Cordara range of quartzitic Indian sandstone paving offers finesse and a captivating appeal. It’s easy to lay, doesn’t cost the earth and you won’t tire of its appearance. Midwinter or midsummer your Indian sandstone paving won’t rot like wood, warp in the cold, melt in the sun or need a lot of maintenance. Quartzitic Indian sandstone has a resilience to be marvelled at.

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Cordara’s Indian sandstone products are available at landscaping materials outlets including Rivar Sand and Gravel in Thatcham, Tadley and Windlesham and no matter how large or small the order, most experts can help you find the best economic and aesthetic paving products. Cordara won’t disappoint.

Nordic Ash

Quarried in northern India you may be surprised to see Nordic in the product name, however that’s exactly the effect you have.

The Indian sandstone paving is set in to a linear form so that it resembles short wooden planks and it has a lightly sawn texture that appears natural and the technical process draws out the colours of the Nordic Ash.

It’s not a slab with a bit of wood stuck on top in a haphazard way, this is actual quarried Indian sandstone worked to look like the exquisite Nordic Ash. It’s a challenge not to fall in love with it instantly.

Iberian Oak  

This finish, again tailored from the quartzitic Indian sandstone from the north of the country, is a perfect decking substitute.

Following the same principles as with the Nordic Ash the experts work the lightly sawn surface to draw out the colours of Iberian Oak so that Indian sandstone in your outdoor space will just need to borrow the Fuentes des Cibeles fountain from Madrid to complete a Spanish themed garden.

Of course, any garden furniture will work well with either the Iberian Oak or the Nordic Ash and the Indian sandstone paving can be used for patio’s, terraces, around features, as a feature, for driveways, paths and for any other place that you’d want to pave. You could even use them in a summer house, conservatory or garden room.

Each pack is supplied to cover an area of 10 metres squared, the sizing is as follows for both finishes:

500mm X 200mm

1000mm X 200mm

Many suppliers will accommodate requests for part packs so if you wish to use the product on a small space this does not present a problem.

For wood that isn’t wood and for a finish which will charm even the most particular of people, choose excellent Indian sandstone paving.

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