Industrial Thermal Fluid & Heat Recovery System as an Application of Air Integrated Systems

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Industrial thermal fluid and heat recovery system is a much-needed application of the air integrated system that can help you in improving your carbon footprint while cutting the energy costs. The heat generated by the processes id reused through this system to enhance the efficiency of your processes.

Industrial Heat Recovery System

Heat is a by-product of practically any process whatever business you are in. Whether it’s a refrigeration plant, boiler, dryer or a compressor, heat is going to be produced and expelled through the exhausts. A heat recovery ventilation system can help your facility in supplying completely fresh and temperate air while cutting the costs. The heat exchangers which include the air to water and water to water ones can be implemented to recover notable amounts of energy. The water used in the cooling processes usually has all the energy collected in it which it dissipates to the environment through a cooler. The industrial heat recovery system offers you a way to re-use this energy before it gets dissipated to the environment and is wasted. In other words, this system will help you in cutting your energy bills significantly.

Benefits of Heat Recovery Systems
  • They help in the waste heat recovery to ultimately reduce the plant operating costs.
  • They help to reduce the energy consumption of your plant by re-using the heat produced by different processes.
  • The waste heat recovery also help in the prevention of dangerous emissions keeping your workplace safe.

The Industrial Heat Recovery System and how it Works?

There are various different types of industrial hose connectors fluid systems and heat recovery systems from chilled water process cooling system and HVAC heat recovery to dry air cooling process and stack exhaust heat recovery and most of them operate on a similar principle.

In this process, the heated wastewater or air is used by the heat recovery system to extract the heat from the incoming air or water instead of losing all the heat to the environment. It involves the pre-warming of the incoming air, for instance, you can install an air handling system which includes a water coil and a gas burner to pre-heat the air up to 25 degrees C without the need for gas. In simple words, you can use heat recovery systems to save up to 50% or more energy.

Applications of Industrial Heat Recovery Systems

The process, energy consumption as well as the waste production of each facility is different than the other, so a customized approach is implemented on each facility to implement heat recovery system for saving maximum energy. A facility needs to be assessed before implementing this system in order to reduce its carbon footprint to the maximum by effective heat recovery.

So, it is imperative to use a heat recovery system in your workplace to enhance the productivity by saving energy as well as reducing your carbon footprint to conserve the environment ina better way.

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