Make the Most of Your Basement Space by Refinishing it

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The basement of a home presents a real opportunity to add additional value and space to your home. Even though it might look a bit unpleasant or bare bones at the moment, you can really enhance your home by finishing your basement and creating a bunch of new usable space to make use of. Before you can go ahead and finish your basement there are considerations for you to make. Take some time to get to know your space, and to decide on how you’ll want to refinish it before you can move ahead and have the work done.

Evaluate Your Basement

The first step is making sure that you can finish up your basement at all. In order to be a good basement for finishing it needs to be dry and tall enough to easily stand within. As long as it meets those two requirements, you should be able to create some sort of finished space using your basement.

Invest in Quality Flooring

Basement flooring is a bit more difficult to choose than standard flooring, that’s because basements are known for being cold, uneven and a bit damp. Your flooring material must be able to hold up to damp conditions while offering some protection from the cold of the basement floor. There are special PVC, carpet and tile floors that are ideal for use in a basement setting. Make sure that you have a good vapour barrier in place underneath your flooring, or that the flooring itself comes with a vapour barrier to protect against the damp conditions, and choose flooring that complements the space and makes it feel more finished.

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Invest in Basement Wall Paneling

It’s standard practice to frame basement walls with pressure treated wood, but even high quality wooden studs can rot out over time and lead to issues with mould and mildew. There are special basement wall panels that serve as decoration while adding a vapour barrier to the concrete walls of your basement. These specialty walls are known for their durability and can be purchased in different colors and styles to suit your needs.

Consider a Drop Ceiling

Drop ceilings are one of the best ways to finish the ceiling of your basement to give it a nice quality appearance. These ceilings are simple to install, and they offer a clean look while still providing access to all the ducts and pipes within the basement. You’ll still be able to maintain your home effectively wit the ceiling in place, but your basement will look much more upscale than it does originally.

Add Lighting and Décor

The final steps of finishing your basement space include adding new lighting and finishing accents. Add furniture to decorate your new space and consider working in light fixtures that give your space a modern look that blends with the style that you’ve chosen for your finished basement.

A finished basement is an excellent investment for most homes. It takes unused space and transforms it into a usable area that you can rely on as living space, recreational space or for working out. No matter what dream room you want to add to your home, you can likely use your unfinished basement to do just that.

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