New FEMA Approved Safe Rooms Are Saving Lives

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There are a lot of people who believe that safe rooms are unnecessary, until they need one. Unfortunately, we live in an unpredictable world where random crime strikes, and mother nature can cause devastating damages. If you have a basement and think you’re safe from hurricanes and tornadoes, you might want to reconsider your options. Although basements do provide protection from low-level hurricanes and tornadoes, they can cause a problem in an emergency type of situation for those who struggle with stairs; however, basements are an ideal location for a safe room, but do not provide personal protection on their own. 

Protect Your Family from Severe Weather 

The southern United States sees more violent tornadoes than any other location in the world. There are on average, over 1,200 tornadoes in the United States every year alone. People who live east and west of the Gulf Coast are the most at risk for severe damage due to strong winds from tornadoes and storm shelters Dallas are needed in a lot of cases for personal safety. Dallas is not in a coastal flood zone; however, it is so close to the Gulf Coast that historic storms like Katrina, can produces winds over 150 mph that can reach Dallas with no problem. 

FEMA Compliant Safe Rooms 

These room are designed to withstand winds up to 250 mph that can annihilate entire neighborhoods and toss cars around like tumbleweed. These storms are known as EF-4 and EF5 tornadoes and there is really no place safe during a storm of that magnitude, and survival may depend on a safe room alone. For residents living in Dallas, safe rooms offer personal protection from storms with high winds with systems securely anchored into the concrete; however, newer FEMA models are now available that can be mounted anywhere in the house and still be anchored securely. 

This allows homeowners in Dallas a more cost-effective method to have a safe room custom installed to specification for their exact measurements of unused areas like closets, bathrooms, and even under the stairs. Whether you go with a custom design or buy a pre-fab unit that fits in your existing space, a lot of the newer FEMA approved models come with benches that fold down, advanced anchoring devices, shelves, and covered ventilation. All these safe rooms are equipped with solid steel doors, heavy-duty steel walls, and designed to withstand severe hurricanes and tornadoes. 

Benefits for Safe Rooms 

Safe rooms offer a lot more than just storm protection. Some units can be designed, so that they appear as an ordinary room like a bathroom that can be fully functional and ready for instant protection in the case of an emergency. Living in Dallas and other heavily populated areas sometimes requires protection from random acts of crime. Some safe rooms are built with alarm systems, cameras, communication devices, and are bulletproof. Safe rooms are also great for storing firearms and keeping them out of the hands of our children. 

Safe rooms are available for interior protection and can they can also be built outside to match the exterior of your house. They can be designed to look like an ominous garden shed or anything you want it to be. There are certain places in the United States where government grants can help fund a safe room. Having a safe room incorporated into your home, significantly increases the resale value of your home and believe it or not, is a deciding factor for a lot of future potential buyers.

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