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Rugs have become an essential in every household. You can find different rugs for different purposes. They not only beautify the place but also serve other purposes like adding comfort, covering the floor, creating friction so as to reduce slipperiness of the floor among others. While there are many fabrics and materials you can find mats in, plastic mats are one of the cheapest options. They can generally be used anywhere but there are a few places where plastic mats are most suited.

Here are a few of them :

  1. Lawn

Since plastic is easy to carry and clean, it becomes an ideal choice when you want to sit in your lawn or go to parks for a little picnic. They are also waterproof. So even if the grass isn’t completely dry, it won’t ruin the mat. You can just spray some clean water on the mat afterwards and it’s clean again.

  1. Main Entrance

Since main entrance is an area where you’d expect shoes with all kinds of dirt, plastic mats make a good choice. You can just shake off all the irt once it’s dry and your mat is clean again.

Moreover, since plastic mats are heavy duty, they are the most durable option as door mats.

  1. Patio

We all know that a cloth rug would not work well in the patio. If you’re anything like me, your patio is covered with plants and plants need watering every day. Thus a plastic mat would be the best choice since plastic mats are not water absorbent. Moreover, you won’t have to waste your time cleaning the patio rug since plastic is very low maintenance and a wet cloth would work wonders on plastic mats.

  1. Poolside

If you have a pool in your house or usually go to a nearby one, plastic mats are for you. Plastic is not prone to decay in water. Moreover, they dry quickly and do not absorb any liquid. Thus they do not absorb any odour as well. So you can reuse the same one everyday and not worry about it being smelly or not clean.

  1. Beach

The days of summer are here and beach visits are going to be regular. You can’t take just any mat at the beach or you will bring home a load of sand. Enter plastic mats. Not only will they not pick up sand, you can just shake the mat lightly and all the sand will come off it, but they are also very lightweight and thus easy to carry. So take your mat with you when you go for a sunbath or an afternoon dip in the clear waters.

Plastic mats are easily available and light on your pocket. They come in multiple formats as well : spikes or mesh or just plain old woven. However, plastic is non biodegradable and its manufacture has high carbon footprint. With the spreading awareness about the problems of plastic disposal and its effect on environment,, the availability of recycled plastic products is increasing.  Thus, try to look for recycled plastic mats while shopping.

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