Where there is a WILL there is a way

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Non-resident Indians ( NRIS’s) often invest in a property in India and then move abroad for their career. The properties are either unoccupied or let out as NRI rentals. But NRI’s are often faced with scenarios when it becomes extremely daunting to manage the matters related to the property owned. Nestaway, a fast growing property management service provider assists NRI’s with all issues and aspects regarding their property and offers several services under one comprehensive umbrella.

In the recent years, there has been one particular problem that has plagued several NRI properties in India. The absence of a Will or a legal document which states the intention of the owner has found many properties coming under dispute or the scanner of law.  A Will is the legal declaration of the intention of the testator on his or her property which they desired to be carried out in effect of their death or any other circumstances.

An important legal document, a Will enables any living person to rightfully declare their intentions on how their assets and wealth are to be divided in the event of their death. It is imperative that NRI’s list down a written Will to ensure that their assets and property are not subject to any family dispute or quarrel which could not be settled in the absence of a Will.

Our team of legal experts take extra care and precaution to comply with the Indian Succession Act and the other laws that apply to the making of a Will.

Our legal consultant’s advice NRI’s on the following aspects of the Will:

1)         Legal Declaration

A Will drafted complies with the law by a legally competent person and duly signed and attested

2)    Enforceability

Our team will help in enforcing the will in the event of the demise of the testator

3)    Revocability

Our team will help the client to revoke the Will during the lifetime of the Testator

4)    Attestation of the Will

The Will be duly attested as per the steps designated by law to ensure its authenticity

5)    Registration of the Will

The Will be registered with the registrar in the presence of the testator.

The process of drafting a Will and keeping it ready is cumbersome and involves knowledge of legal aspects not familiar to a layman. However, our dedicated team strives to offer their expertise in these matters to help NRI’s reside in peace. The Will Drafting Service by NestAway is aimed at helping NRI’s to have the confidence that their property is safe and guarded by law. NRI’s can be reassured that in the event of their demise, their property accumulated through hard work is not subject to a judicial litigation or legal disputes. Post Rental property for free with  NestAway , prides itself in providing proficient and professional advice to its clients to safeguard their best interests.

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