Window Screens: Wide open options for you

Published On April 16, 2018 | By admin | Home Improvement

If you want to add a screen to your windows as you are remodelling or building your house in Canada, will help you make your windows screen as you dreamed. You can understand how worth window screens are for your lifestyle and your need.

  • Pet Screen: If you have kids in your home or pets or both, you don’t have to worry about ripped up screens of your doors or windows anymore. Pet screens are made of vinyl-coated polyester,and they are about seven times stronger than standard door or window screens. Pet screens are one of the most durable screens available today. You can also choose from different colors, the one which would suit you the best.
  • Super Screen: Same as a Vinyl-coated screen, the super screen can withstand the tortures of kids or pets if you have any in your house. They can also withstand hail storms. Not only that, the superscreencan protect you from ultra-violet rays of the sun and even They also offer excellent airflow and visibility.
  • Solar Screen: You need to get protected from the sun,and solar screens do precisely Solar screens save you from dangerous UV rays, around 90% of the beams aren’t allowed to pass through. It also cuts your energy bills and protects your home and furniture.
  • Dust & Pollen Filtering Screen: Allergies from dust and pollen are prevalent these days. In many houses, they can’t keep their window open because someone or the other in the house is allergic. You should start using dust and pollen filtering screens and start living freely without the scare of dust and pollen entering your home.
  • Insect Screen: Hate about insects entering your house through your screen. You shouldn’t be anymore and start using insect screen. These screens would never allow tiniest to tiniest insect to enter your home.
  • Copper Screen: Unique for their color, when first installed will be typically of shiny copper color. Slowly, it fades down to an attractive dark bronze color. Copper screens are recommended for coastal areas. It also protects you from insects.
  • Aluminum Screen: The best thing about aluminum screen is that they don’t catch rust and they are not expensive.
  • Fiberglass Screen: Fiberglass screens are also used in a wide range and are loved by many people throughout the world.

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